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Conduct & Professional Standards

The Police and Crime Commissioner publishes quarterly reports on Essex Police conduct matters.

The Importance of Professional Standards

These quarterly PSD reports throw an important light on key issues and ensure transparency around the ethical behaviour of Essex Police.

We must recognise that every hour of every day, the overwhelming majority of police officers and police staff act with the highest ethical and professional standards, in an unpredictable environment, to keep the people of Essex safe from harm.

They deserve our trust, respect and gratitude. I expect the Chief Constable to support his officers and staff as day by day they exercise discretion, often in very difficult circumstances, according to the law.   When Essex police officers and staff do their best and act in accordance with their training, with integrity, and with compassion, they should expect and will receive support.

However, where it appears those high standards may not have been adhered to, it is important that a proper disciplinary process takes place. I expect that process to be fair but rigorous.  It is my role to make sure that the disciplinary process is operated fairly, consistently and ultimately with the interests of the Essex public, whom officers serve every day, at its heart.

As part of my scrutiny work, I will also raise any thematic issues arising from misconduct cases with the Chief Constable and his senior team.  If there are a number of cases which suggest a minority of officers are abusing their position of authority with regard to victims, failing to safeguard vulnerable people adequately, or accessing confidential data for non-policing purposes, then I expect Essex Police to take steps to address such unacceptable behaviour through training and other means.

These quarterly reports contain details of troubling cases and we need to ensure they are dealt with in a way that bolsters the ethical framework within the force, so that the vast majority of Essex Police officers and staff can continue with confidence to offer a highly professional service, delivered with integrity, often in difficult or challenging circumstances.

Roger Hirst

Police and Crime Commissioner for Essex

The PFCC Expression of dissatisfaction police can be found here PFCC Complaints Expression of Dissatisfaction Policy

Links are provided below to the PSD quarterly reports:

PSD Quarterly Reports Open Close

Reference Date Subject
PSD Report Feb 2024 14.2.24

OPFCC PSD Quarterly Report – Feb 2024

PSD Report Nov 2023 15.11.23

5. OPFCC PSD Quarterly Report – Nov 2023 final

PSD Report August 2023 25.8.23

PFCC PSD Quarterly Report – Aug 2023

PSD Report May 2023 11.5.23

PSD Quarterly Report – May 2023 Final

PSD Report Feb 23 8.2.23

PSD Quarterly Report – Feb 2023 final

PSD Quarterly Reports Q3/Q4 2021-22 3.8.22

PSD Quarterly Report Q3 Q4 2021-22

PSD Quarterly Reports Q2 2021-22 3.8.22

PSD Quarterly Report Q2 2021-22

PSD Quarterly Reports Q1 2021-22 3.8.22

PSD Quarterly Report Q1 2021-22

PSD Quarterly Report Q2 2.11.22

OPFCC Quarterly Report – Nov 2022

PSD Quarterly Reports Q4 2020-21 3.8.22

PSD Quarterly Report Q3 Q4 2020-21

PSD Quarterly Reports Q3 2020-21 25.3.21

PSD Quarterly Report Q3 2020-21

PSD Quarterly Reports Q2 2020-21 30.9.20

PSD Quarterly Report Q2 2020-21

PSD Quarterly Reports Q1 2020-21 3.2.21

PSD Quarterly Reports Q1 2020-21 

PSD Quarterly Reports Q3 2019-20 31.12.19

PSD Quarterly Report Q3 2019-20

PSD Quarterly Reports Q2 2019-20 13.9.19

PSD Quarterly Report Q2 2019-20

PSD Quarterly Report Q1 2019-20 13.6.19

PSD Quarterly Report Q1 2019-20

PSD Quarterly Report Q4 2018 - 19 13.4.19

PSD Quarterly Report Q4 2018-19 Q4

PSD Quarterly Report Q3 2018 - 19 11.12.18

2018-19 Q3 PSD Performance Report

PSD Quarterly Report Q2 2018 - 19 21.6.18

2018_19 – Q2 PSD Performance Report

PSD Quarterly Report Q1 2018-19 18.3.18

2018-2019 Q1 PSD Performance Report

PSD Quarterly Report Q4 2017 2018 20.1.18

2018 – 19 Q4  PSD report 2018

PSD Quarterly Report Q3 2017-2018 1.12.17

2017-2018 Q3 PSD Performance Report

PSD Quarterly Report Q2 2013-2014 1.7.13

Ensuring police integrity is maintained – November 2013


PSD Quarterly Report Q3 & Q4 2013-2014 1.10.13

High professional standards matter – PSD reports of Oct-Dec 2013 & Jan-Mar 2014

PSD Quarterly Report Q1 2014-2015 1.4.13

Maintaining high professional standards – PSD report of Apr – June 2014

PSD Quarterly Report Q2 2014-2015 1.7.14

PCC PSD report of July – September 2014

PSD Quarterly Report Q3 2014-2015 1.10.14

Commentary on PCC PSD quarterly report Oct to Dec 2014

PCC Quarterly Report Oct to Dec 2014 

PSD Quarterly Report Q4 2014-2015 1.1.15

Commentary and PCC PSD quarterly report Jan to Mar 2015

PSD Quarterly Report Q1 2015-2016 1.4.15

PCC Quarterly Report – First Quarter Apr – Jun 2015

PSD Quarterly Report Q2 2015-2016 1.7.15

High professional standards remain essential – Quarterly report July – September 2015

PSD Quarterly Report Q3 2015-2016 1.10.15

High ethical and professional standards are essential for Essex Police – Quarterly report Oct to Dec 2015

PSD Quarterly Report Q4 2015-2016 1.1.16

The importance of high ethical and professional standards for Essex Police – Quarterly report Jan to March 2016

PSD Quarterly Report Q1 2016-2017 1.4.17

PCC PSD Quarter 1 Report April to June 2016

PSD Quarterly Report Q2 2016-2017 1.7.16

PCC PSD Quarter 2 Report – July to September 2016

PSD Quarterly Report Q3 2016-2017 1.10.16

PCC PSD Quarter 3 Report – October to December 2016

PSD Quarterly Report Q4 2016-2017 1.1.17

PCC PSD Quarter 4 Report – January to March 2017

PSD Quarterly Report Q1 2017-2018 1.4.17

PSD Quarterly Report Q1 2017-18

PSD Quarterly Report Q2 2017-2018 1.10.17

PSD Quarterly Report Q2 2017-18


PSD Quarterly Report Q1 2021- 2022 10.8.23


PSD Quarterly Report Q2 2021 - 2022 10.8.23

PSD Quarterly Report – Q2 2021-2022

PSD Quarterly Report Q3 2021 - 2022 10.8.23

 PSD Quarterly Report Q3 2021-2022

PSD Quarterly Report Q4 2021-2022 10.8.23

PSD Quarterly Report – Q4 2021-2022


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01245 291600

If your enquiry relates to operational policing or a crime please contact Essex Police

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