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Strategic Board

Purpose of Strategic Board:

  • To provide strategic governance and oversight of the Essex Police Strategic Transformation Programme
  • To be the primary advisor to the PCC and CC for the decisions that they are required to make in respect of the Strategic Transformation programme:
  • To ensure that the Strategic Transformation Programme delivers effectively against the medium and long term strategic objectives of Essex Police.
  • To provide strategic oversight of the Medium Term Financial Strategy
  • To ensure that the Strategic Transformation Programme is public facing and reflects the needs of victims of crime and the wider public of Essex.
  • To support alignment between the Essex Police Strategic Transformation Programme and other public sector transformation and collaboration programmes across greater Essex.
  • To provide strategic oversight to the PCC’s capital programme
  • To be the advisory body to the PCC for ensuring that the shape, scope and content of the capital programme is in compliance with the work of the Strategic Transformation programme.
  • To receive and scrutinise project bid proposals and amendments for PCC recommendation
  • To receive and scrutinise the capital disposals plan
  • To facilitate financial governance relating to the capital programme in support of the Strategic Transformation Programme.
  • To advise on the management of strategic risks pertinent to the Strategic Transformation programme

Full terms of reference

Latest minutes Open Close

Reference Date Subject
Minutes 26.9.22

Papers pending

Minutes - Extraordinary Board 9.9.22

Minutes pending approval

Minutes - Extraordinary Board 22.7.22

Minutes pending approval

Minutes 16.6.22

Minutes pending approval

3i) COG 2022-23 15.06.22 MTFS Report_

3ii) 2021-22 Draft Unaudited SOA Report (16-6-22 SB)

3iii) Treasury Management Strategy 2022-23 suite of reports SB

4i) Force Growth Update 2021.22 Closing Report 16 June 22 V3

4ii) Force Growth Programme 2022-23 June 22 Opening Report V3

Minutes 8.3.22

20220308 Minutes approved

3i) MTFS March 22 SB V1

3iii) Corporate Finance – 2022-23 POA Original Budget SB V1

3iv) 23.24 Budget Setting Timetable March 22 SB V1

4.0 Force Growth Update 2021.22 Mar 22(v.Final)_CH

8i) 118-21 ESMCP DecisionRep

8ii) 023-22 TechRefresh 2022-23 DecisionSheet v4

8v) 020-22 Specials MFD DecisionRep


Minutes 14.12.21

20211214 Minutes approved

3iv) Cyber report – SB 14-12-21

4.0 Force Growth Update 2021.22 Dec v0.02

9. 20211214 Perf vs National Policing Priorities_VH_CH_1

Minutes - Extraordinary Board 30.11.21

20210930 Minutes approved

Minutes 27.9.21

20210927 Minutes approved

3i) a SB 2021-22 MTFS Report 27.09.21

4.0 Force Growth Update 2021-22 Sept v0.02_

8iv) a Strategic Board – FCIU Capital Bid 1.3

9) POA Return-202122 Original Budget (v1)docx

10) a Strategic Board ToR review v0.03

11) a Strategic Board Report Sept 2021

12) 20210924 Police and Crime Plan 2021-24 Strat Board Paper Final

Minutes 10.6.21

20210610 Minutes approved

3 i) REVISED MTFS Report 10.06.21 V2 (002)

3ii. 2020-21 Draft Unaudited SOA Report UPDATED (10-06-21 Strategic Board)

3iv. 2022-23 Draft Budget Setting Timetable Strategic Board 10.06.21

4i.OPFCC Strategic Board Force Growth Closing Report 2020.21 June Board V2

4ii. Strategic Board Force Growth Update 2021.22 June v0.1

10. Strat Board report June 2021 v3

11. Crime Prevention Strategy 2021-25

12. Essex Police Digital Strategy 2021 to 2026_CH Amends

Minutes 11.3.21

20210311 Minutes approved

3ii. Insurance update – 11-3-21 Strategic Board

4. Treasury Management, Investment & Capital Strategy 2021-22

5iii. PFCC Decision Sheet 2020_Motorcycle Business Case_v0.1_11.02.20 Final

5v. PFCC.013.21 Sunflower Rooms – Stage 2 Capital Bid – OFFICIAL

5vi. Decision Sheet – PFCC.014.21 Harwich & Dovercourt – OFFICIAL

5vii. PFCC.015.21 Colchester LDMI Capital Bid OFFICIAL

7. Strategic Board – POA report analysis

12. PFCC Strategic Board Special Constable One Off Payment

Minutes 17.12.20

20201217 Minutes approved

3ii Stage 2 Capital Bid – Estates Capitalised Maintenance SB



Minutes 3.9.20

20200903 Minutes – approved

7. i) Force Growth Update Report 2019.20

7. ii) Force Growth Update Report 2020.21

Minutes 19.6.20

20200619 Minutes – Part A approved

7. a Force Growth Update 19.20 June

7. b Force Growth Update 20.21 June


Minutes 17.3.20

20200317 Minutes approved

Minutes 17.9.18

Minutes 17092018

Minutes 13.12.18

Minutes 13122018

Minutes 19.12.17

Minutes 19122017

Minutes 22.3.18

Minutes 22032018

Minutes 21.6.18

Minutes 21062018

Minutes 14.3.19

20190314 Minutes – approved

Minutes 13.6.19

20190613 Minutes – approved

Minutes 13.9.19

20190916 Minutes – approved

Minutes 9.12.19

20191209 Minutes – Part A – approved


PFCC for Essex, Kelvedon Park, London Road, Rivenhall, Witham, Essex, CM8 3HB
01245 291600

If your enquiry relates to operational policing or a crime please contact Essex Police

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