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054-23 PFCC Annual Conference

Report reference number:
054 – 23
Not protectively marked
Title of report:
PFCC Annual Conference
Area of county / stakeholders affected:
Report by:
Liane Edwards
Date of report:
Enquiries to:
[email protected]

1. Executive Summary

The PFCC Annual Conference is a large partner event which is the corner stone of
the PFCC’s engagement programme. This decision report seeks approval for the
allocation of up to £18,250 to stage the conference within the 2023-2024 financial

2. Recommendations

To allocate up to £18,250 to stage the annual PFCC conference 2022.

3. Background to the Proposal

The PFCC Conference 2023 will be the sixth annual conference of the current PFCC and is the flagship event in their annual engagement calendar, bringing together partners from across Essex to share and learn more about the work being done to prevent crime, protect the vulnerable and support victims, making communities safer for all. The PFCC annual conference is widely respected for its content delivery, engaging and informative workshops and keynote speakers.
The conference also enables the Commissioner to engage on the Police and Crime Plan and the Fire and Rescue Plan, raising awareness of the priorities and bringing partners on board to work both with and alongside the office to deliver a joined-up approach to community safety, crime prevention and protecting the vulnerable.

As the attendees include a wide range of stakeholders including emergency services, NPS, YPS, MOJ, partner agencies, voluntary agencies, councils and education sector, it provides an effective way of sharing ideas, good practice and learning that can be transferred across a variety of sectors and help agencies work more closely together.

4. Proposal and Associated Benefits

The conference will have a direct benefit for the Commissioner as it will increase awareness of the Police and Crime Plan and the Fire and Rescue Plan and bring together partners and services to help deliver the priorities.

5. Options Analysis

The PFCC has the option not to hold the conference, but this would have an impact on raising awareness of the Police and Crime Plan and Fire and Rescue Plan priorities and thus jeopardise effective delivery of the plans.

6. Consultation and Engagement

We have engaged with a variety of colleagues across the police and fire and rescue service around building content and themes for the day.

7. Strategic Links

This event directly impacts the Commissioner’s priorities as it helps spread awareness of the Police and Crime Plan with partners and stakeholders.

8. Police operational implications

This will support Essex Police’s work to raise awareness of delivering the force plan against the priorities.

9. Financial implications

The PFCC will need to allocate up to £18,250 from the 2023-2024 Communications and Engagement budget. The cost is comparable to previous annual conferences held by the commissioner.

It is anticipated that the planned Communication and Engagement activity for the year will exceed the current amount budgeted so a further decision report will be developed and presented to the Senior Management Team to set out the anticipated costs and seek agreement on a revised budget or programme of activities.

Cost breakdown is as follows:

  • £10,500 for the hire of Colchester Stadium and food
  • £2,500 for Marks Tey Audio
  • £1,000 for lanyards, packs, pens
  • £250 for Slido
  • £500 Photographer
  • £500 Journalist
  • £1,000 Design & Printing
  • £250 workshops
  • £1,750 Travel expenses, fees for speakers

10. Legal Implications


11. Staffing implications

There are no staffing implications.

12. Equality and Diversity implications

The conference is open to all participants and is being held in an accessible venue. The subjects covered at the conference include issues relating to equality and diversity specifically relating to violence against women and girls.

13. Risks and Mitigations

There are no risks associated with running this event.

14. Governance Boards

The conference and draft agenda will be shared with the PFCC’s Senior Management Team. Members of the SMT will be involved in shaping and developing the content for the conference.

15.Links to Future Plans

This is not part of a bigger plan.

16.Background Papers and Appendices

Appendix A – PFCC Conference Agenda Draft

Report Approval

The report will be signed off by the OPFCC Chief Executive and Treasurer prior to
review and sign off by the PFCC / DPFCC.

D Horsman D Horsman
Date signed:
deputy Monitoring Officer
Janet Perry Janet Perry
Date signed:
Chief Financial Officer

Decision and Final Sign Off

I agree the recommendations to this report:

Roger Hirst Roger Hirst
Date signed:

Wet signed copy is held at the PCC office.


PFCC for Essex, Kelvedon Park, London Road, Rivenhall, Witham, Essex, CM8 3HB
01245 291600

If your enquiry relates to operational policing or a crime please contact Essex Police

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