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Watch the Essex Police Challenge of February 27 on local policing

The Essex Police Challenge is a key part of how Nick Alston, Police and Crime Commissioner for Essex, holds the Chief Constable of Essex and his senior team to account on behalf of the people of our county.

You can watch a video recording of the event held on February 27, 2014, on the future of local policing, presented in three chapters concentrating on the three main sections of the meeting, here.

To navigate between the three sections, please click on the Playlist option at the top of the video screen.

The first section examined Essex Police performance, particularly in crime types associated with local policing.  The second section explored local policing teams.  The final section concentrated on how the public make contact with the police, and concluded with an open question and answer section.

You can access a copy of Chief Constable Kavanagh’s presentation at the link below.  Please be aware that the document is a large file, and may take a few seconds to load.

Essex Police local policing presentation 270214

Here is a breakdown of the session:

Part 1 – Essex Police Challenge 27/02/14: Intro and Performance

Chief Constable Stephen Kavanagh outlined some of the details of Essex Police performance against specific types of crime, with questions from Nick Alston, Police and Crime Commissioner for Essex.

Part 2 – Essex Police Challenge 27/02/14: Your Local Policing Team

Ken Middleton asked: “what does Essex Police mean by the term Neighbourhood Policing?”

Nick Alston asked the Chief“how the force is going to manage with less resource?”

Margaret Moor, the representative for the residents of Admiral Park. “Our residents would like to see a regular officer that they know.”

Nick Alston asked about the additional powers that PCSOs might be given?

Margaret Moor, the representative for the residents of Admiral Park asked about introducing more CCTV outside of the city?

John Oatham asked how the plans to build more houses in Dengie will affect the policing in the area? “Is there a link between increased population and crime stats?”

Jim Cunningham said he “was worried about the lack of police officers on the beat, the future of PCSOs and the role of the police hubs.”

Nick Alston asked when work on the allocation and deployment of PCSOs across the county would be near completion.

Jim Cunningham asked “do the public understand the term Neighbourhood Policing?”

John Gili-Ross asked about the cost difference between a PCSO and a new police constable.

Part 3 – Essex Police Challenge 27/02/14: Engagement & Open Questions

The Deputy PCC read out a question from Sandra and Mark Waide who commented on there not being a police station in Wickford anymore. They recognise it was not used very often but it was really reassuring. They thought it was a useful base for police officers.

The Deputy PCC read out a question from Lini Kilpatrick who said ringing 101 can be utterly painful, and she wanted to know how this can be improved.

A member of the audience said the frustrating thing about 101 is that when they dial they are forwarded onto the Essex Police switchboard, which will then connect you to the police station. “This can then be passed onto the answering machine. That can only get worse with staff being reduced.”

A member of the audience was concerned about the lack of Marine Police. He was astounded at the reduction of resources in this department.

A colleague from Essex Fire and Rescue was interested in social media. He confirmed that the Essex Police Twitter is very up to date with technology and wanted to commend the work of Essex Police.

A member of the public who works closely with head teachers in Essex raised some of the concerns around safeguarding children where there may be domestic violence in the home, and whether there could be better information sharing on a confidential basis.

A representative from Safer Chelmsford Partnership said “I’ve got a keen interest in domestic abuse and been on the DASH training course and wanted to know how you would be working with CSPs in relation to domestic abuse?”

Jakub Makowski, the elected member for the Youth Assembly wanted to know “if a crime was posted on Facebook or Twitter, do the police react to that and if so what was the reaction time?”

Ken Middleton asked the Chief Constable about the key message that both the audience and the Chief would take away from this evening.

John Gili-Ross asked if crime hotspots have always been there or are they a recent development?  And does the Chief Constable have a plan for crime hotspots?

A member of the public mentioned he lives next door to someone who was raided for drugs. “Then he was on the Chronicle with a victory sign saying I love the system. He then had a party on his front lawn and many residents are scared to walk past the house. Can you tell me why he is getting suspended sentence upon suspended sentence?”

A member of the public said “I used your 101 and email service and have been disappointed with them. What confidence do you have with the time scale on these services?”



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