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Extra funding available for domestic abuse charities and the importance of staying alert

This week in Roger’s weekly video blog, he talks about the £620,000 of extra funding available to charities supporting the victims of domestic abuse. He also talks about the increased importance of Staying Alert, Controlling the Virus and Saving Lives now that the restrictions are gradually easing.

Hello, I’m Roger Hirst, your Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner.

As a county we’ve done an excellent job controlling the virus and saving lives. I’d like to thank all of you for the sacrifices you have made.

They are working. Together, we’re making a difference. But the challenge is not over. With a gradual easing of the lockdown we’re all slowly getting more freedom to live our lives to the full. But it’s up to each of us to ensure we don’t throw away what we’ve achieved. Like you, I welcome the opportunity these new freedoms offer to go out, to work, to enjoy time outside with the family. But we all need to make sure we do not become a link in the chain of transmission of this virus.

Let’s stay alert and act responsibly so we can all enjoy these freedoms and control the virus.

That means stay at home where possible.

If you cannot work from home, socially distance at work.

When we do go out, we should maintain two meters distance, wash our hands frequently and thoroughly, wear a face covering on public transport and where social distancing is hard. Avoid social gatherings.

You’ve done a great job in Essex by working together to fight this virus.

But it’s now up to all of us, individually to continue to make the right choices to make a difference.

Don’t be a link in the chain of transmission.

Stay alert.

Control the virus.

Save lives.

In my role, I’m lucky to hear from people in charities who are making a huge difference every day. To support some of these groups I’ve been asking charities who support victims of domestic abuse or sexual assaults to contact me so they can apply for extra funding.

We’ve been allocated £620,000 by the Home Office to support local charities. £150000 pounds of this is available to charities we haven’t previously funded.

If you are interested or know a charity that might be.

Please visit my website and apply now. www.essex.pfcc.police.uk

But be quick.

Applications close on Monday, the 1st of June.

That’s next Monday.
Thank you.


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