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Performance and Resource Board (Fire and Rescue)

The Board has been established to enable the Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner in their role as the Essex Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner Fire and Rescue Authority to review Essex County Fire and Rescue Service’s (ECFRS) performance, ensure that budgeted resources are closely aligned with fire priorities and to ensure that resources are effectively and efficiently being utilised.

The Board will enable the Commissioner to maintain effective oversight of the totality of the fire and rescue service and to hold the Chief Fire Officer to account for the delivery of fire and rescue services and the delivery against the priorities in the Fire and Rescue Plan.

The Terms of Reference of the Board will be reviewed on an annual basis.

The Board will :

  1. Scrutinise, support and challenge the overall performance of the fire and rescue service including against the priorities agreed within the Fire and Rescue Plan and Integrated Risk Management Plan.
  2. Holding the Chief Fire Officer to account for functions, which are delegated, to them or functions of persons under the direction and control of the Chief Fire Officer.
  3. Advise the Commissioner on actions to be taken to maintain an efficient, effective and economic fire and rescue service for Essex.
  4. Consider and discuss different themes or subjects for scrutiny, challenge and support.
  5. Monitor actual revenue spend against budget, and the forecast outturn advising corrective action where appropriate in order to further advance the priorities of the service.
  6. Monitor actual and forecast capital expenditure and resourcing of against the approved capital programme advising the Strategic Board on progress achieved.
  7. Monitor the progress made in delivering the planned transformation savings.
  8. Publish the agenda and minutes to ensure transparency of process of review and scrutiny.


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Reference Date Subject
23102017 EFRPB 23.10.17

Essex Fire and Rescue Performance & Resources Board Minutes

4. Technical Fire Safety Overview – Enforcement Activity

5. Safeguarding

6. Family Group Intro Appendix 1 FG4 Performance Report Q1 2017-18 – V0.001

6. Family Group introductory paper_PRB

6. Performance Report Q1 2017-18 FINAL DRAFT

6. September2017 PR

7. P06_September 2017_Finance Report Budget Review

7-8. Treasury Management Strategy 30 Sept 2017 unlinked (002)

9. Budget Timetable paper PFCC 23rd October 2017

10. Appendix 1 – Change Board (2020) RAG report

10. Change Board (2020) – Progress Report

20112017 EFRPB 20.11.17

20171120 EFRPRB Minutes v24. October 2017 Safeguarding update

5. Performance Report – Overview October 2017 PR

6. October 2017_Finance Report Budget Review

7. HR Monthly Report – Oct 2017

7. HR Monthly Report – Sep 2017

8. Appendix 1. Statement of Intent – 2017

8. Appendix 2. Health and Safety Policy Nov 2016

8. Appendix 3. Eastern Regional Health and Safety Business Plan 2017-…

8. Appendix 4. CFOA Eastern Regional HS Minutes – 10.08.17

8. Appendix 5. Agenda CFOA Eastern Region H&S 15-11-17

8. Appendix 6. 16-17 Health and Safety Annual Report FINAL

8. PFCC Health Safety Update

9 Internal Audit Plan 2017 18

9. Appendix A – IRMP 2016-2020

9. Update on progress – IRMP

10. Essex Fire Authority draft report (Blackline) 011120

10. Financial Due Diligence

11. Internal Audit

18122017 EFRPB 27.12.17

20171218 EFRPRB Minutes

4.0 P08_November 2017_Finance Report Budget Review

5.0 Treatment of due diligence recommendations

6.0 Performance Report Q2 final

6.1 November2017 PR

7.1 Appendix 1 – Final Partnerships Internal Audit Report

8.0 GDPR

9.0 Safeguarding Update Nov FINAL

10.0 PFCC Community Safety Overview v2

29012018 EFRPB 20.2.18

20180129 ECFRS P&R Board Minutes v3

4.0 EFA Trading

5.0 ECFRS ICT Strategy Booklet with Technology Bricks

5.0 ECFRS ICT Strategy for the PFCC

5.0 ICT Change Portfolio January 2018

6.0 Appendix 1 – RAG

6.0 Appendix 2 – Highlight reports

6.0 Appendix 3 Portfolio Risk Register

6.0 Programme 2020 and Change Board Update

7.0 PFCC CultureinfoJan18

8.0 Budget Review – December 2017

9.0 Performance December2017 PR

10.0 Performance & Resources Board – Safeguarding Update – December

28022018 EFRPB 21.3.18

20180228 DRAFT ECFRS PR Board Minutes

4.0 P10_January 2018_Finance Report Budget Review

5.0 Procurement Paper (007)

6.0 Combined Groups’ 6 Monthly Review 4

7.0 Jan18 PR

8.0 Safeguarding Update – January

9.0 14 HR Monthly report

10.0 Rank to role

26032018 2.5.18

Final ECFRS PR Minutes 26 03 18

4.0 P11_February 2018_Finance Report Budget Review to P&RB

5.0 Perf Resource Board – cross charges paper

6.0 Pay Policy Statement 2017 – 2018 Version 4 16.3.18 (002)

7.0 3e Gender Pay Gap Report

8.0 HMICFRS Preparations

9.a FebruaryPR Final

9.a Q3 2017-2018Final

9.b ECFRS Comparison to Family Group 4

9.b FG4 Performance Report Q1-Q3 2017-18 – V0.002

9.d Property-Vehicle Damage PR Board

10.0 April 18- Progress Report on Internal Audit Recommendations

10.0 Audit Progress Report Appendix 1

12.0 Treasury Management Strategy Feb 2018

30042018 9.5.18

DRAFT EFRPRB Minutes 30042018 v3

4.0 P12_March 2018_Finance Report Budget Review to P&RB

5.0 ECFRS Monthly Performance Summary March PR – Final

6.0 Safeguarding update

8.0 Employee Survey PR Board

8.i Employee Engagement Discussion Paperv1.1_

8.ii ECFRS Focus Survey Statement Set April 2018 v2.1

9.0 Risk Management Policy

9.i Risk Management Policy & Strategy

9.ii Risk Management Audit Action Plan

11.0 PFCC Briefing

11.i Governance Audit Tracker April 2018

12.0 180305 PnR presentation Performance Monitoring (2)




PFCC for Essex, Kelvedon Park, London Road, Rivenhall, Witham, Essex, CM8 3HB
01245 291600

If your enquiry relates to operational policing or a crime please contact Essex Police here