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Equality and Diversity Information

Introduction – Equality Statement

Welcome to the Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) for Essex’s Equality web-page. The PCC is responsible for securing and maintaining an efficient and effective police service for the people of Essex.

We are independent of the police and act as a critical friend, supporting and challenging the actions and performance of the force as appropriate.

The PCC’s vision for equality and diversity is that every person and every employee who receives, or is affected by the PCC’s activities and services should perceive their experience to be fair and equitable.

The PCC expects all people of Essex, whether a resident, visitor or someone who works in the county, to be treated fairly and with dignity, free from harassment, bullying, victimisation or discrimination.

The PCC wishes to be open and transparent in the way in which all the functions, policies, roles and responsibilities are delivered, and conducts Equality Impact Assessments on all functions and policies to ensure the way they are designed, developed or delivered does not disproportionately disadvantage any particular protected groups and that wherever possible equality is promoted.

The PCC for Essex Equality Objectives

To ensure the PCC meets its equality duties we will:

  1. Monitor and scrutinize the performance of Essex Police to ensure it is fulfilling its equality commitments and meeting its statutory equality duties through the PCC’s monitoring processes.
  2. Ensure our commitment to equality and diversity is incorporated into the aims and objectives of all relevant policies, strategies and plans. Equality performance will be monitored through equality impact screening and where appropriate by full assessment and through the PCC’s monitoring processes.
  3. Over the next four years, develop a greater understanding of the communities within Essex and to ensure the PCC is accessible to and actively engages with all sections of its communities through its annual public engagement process and surveys.

The PCC for Essex Equality Scheme

The PCC Equality Scheme is the repository for our equality information. The scheme includes information on the approach of the PCC to the general and specific equality duties and how the PCC intends to address them.

The scheme also includes a comprehensive action plan to indicate how it intends to progress these issues.

All the PCC’s policies, functions, projects and proposals are and will continue to be, subject to equality relevance analysis. If necessary there will be a full equality impact assessment and examples of the forms used and a full description of the process are included within the scheme.

Diversity of Survey Responses

Diversity data collected by Essex Police, from surveys conducted April to October 2011 was combined and analysed, including comparison to population data.

It should be noted that data is not always directly comparable but should provide a proxy indicator of differences between the proportion of a particular group of people consulted by Essex Police and the proportion of this group in the community.


The male to female ratio of respondents was marginal at 1:1.15.

Category Volume:

Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 16.30.01

Analysis of the data identified an information gap:

  • A need for a better balance in age representation.

This has been addressed by the development of a new survey which contains more demographic information. This will be used to ensure the PCC achieves a better representation of the population of Essex, including an improved balance in age representation.

You can find the PCC’s Equality Information Report here:


Equality Report

The Police and Crime Commissioner is required by the Equality Act 2010 to publish annually an Equality Information Report showing the progress that has been made to comply with the public sector equality duty contained within the act.

The report may be read by clicking the following link:


Essex Police

The PCC monitors the equality information published by Essex Police to ensure the force complies with the general and specific duties.

You can access Essex Police Equality Information through the Equality Information page on their website. If you wish to go to the Essex Police website, click here.


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